Escort Girl Activities Aruba

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A fun & safe 3 hour guided red light district tour

While many visitors come to Aruba come for the beaches and day spas, others come for a different reason. Sint Nicolaas is the second capitol of Aruba and home to the main red light district on the island. This location, the oldest village on Aruba, was once a lively port during the old refinery days. Now its purpose is mostly to serve as a tourist spot. It is on the opposite side of the island from the current capitol city of Oranjestad. There are well over two dozen appealing bars to choose from, each with three to five Columbian or Venezuelan girls ranging in age from early to mid 20s. They stand at the entrance of the bars to entice potential customers. Each girl is on call all night long. It is important to mention that Aruba is a Dutch island, and prostitution is legal here.

Each bar in the red light district of Aruba operates from about 7:00pm to 2:00am, Monday through Saturday. Be careful outside the bars at night because there can be some shady individuals that could want trouble if you approach them. Ignore them and they will ignore you. The bars in San Nicolas have very reasonably priced beverages and other services. The United States dollar is accepted everywhere in Aruba, but use the local currency, Arabian Florins, for payment to the bar workers and the girls.

Each girl has their own private bedroom above the bar or cottage behind the establishment which they operate from. Every part of the girls’ employment is particularly regulated in Aruba’s red light district. Each girl is employed with a temporary work visa for 90 days. Before they are hired, they must undergo rigorous government regulations, including health checks and weekly screenings during their service in the red light district. Each bar has many women to choose from and they only take the top picks. If you find someone during your visit that interests you, you will be expected to buy a few drinks, pay the bar a fee which and the girl will take you to her room. Don’t forget to tip her in the morning!

 Guided UTV trips around the Island *escort Optional

Super-charge your vacation and jump behind the wheel of a UTV together with your special lady.

Take a seat in our UTV for a professionally guided off-road safari along the Andicuri Trail.

Tour sites

Ayo Rock Formations, Andicuri, Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, Alto Vista Chapel, Wariruri, the Natural Bridge and California Lighthouse


Water, bandana and a snack

Recommended attire

Sneakers, towel, sunblock, sunglasses, camera and possibly an extra shirt (it will get dusty

Escort Girl Activities Aruba

Private exotic boat trips * escort optional

Captain your own mini boat while getting to know the island’s most exotic sites and locations; the most beautiful pristine shades of blue beaches and wonderful snorkeling sites Aruba has to offer. This ultimate boat tour is your perfect way to explore the island in a fascinating way. Experience the snorkeling adventure of a lifetime as you pilot your very own boat in an excursion across the stunning waters of Aruba. Explore the wonderful Caribbean waters from above and below the surface with this boating and snorkeling excursion. Enjoy the best of both worlds. You will discover the most exotic, fascinating and the absolute best underwater wildlife viewing in Aruba.

No experience is necessary, just be ready for some fun. Take control and speed away. Be your own captain and pilot your own boat! Tour includes cold beverages, life jacket, an experienced and passionate guide and snorkeling equipment.

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Bachellor Parties

Airport or hotel pick/up by limousine filled with hot girls visiting your favourite beaches & sightseeing hot spots, if you can dream it, we will arrange it.