What are incalls and outcalls?

Put very basically, an incall is when you go to your chosen escort’s apartment or rented room for your booking, and an outcall is when your chosen escort comes to you. Outcall escorts will happily come to your home or any hotel in Aruba. Please make all details known to us when you call.

Why do some of your escorts have hidden faces?

This is primarily to conceal their identity. It’s not meant to deceive you in any way at all, it’s simply a preference of the girl we list. She perhaps doesn’t want too many people to know that she is an escort, perhaps to protect family and friends, or because she has another job elsewhere and wishes to keep both separate.

Can I arrange a booking in advance?

Of course! We actually welcome advance bookings whenever possible. Although we have a very good reputation for making bookings possible at the last minute, it’s always a great pleasure for the girls to have a date or two in their diaries. With some girls, advance bookings are highly recommended. If you want the escort you dream of, it’s really best to book early!

What kind of payments do you accept?

We only ever accept cash for our escort service. There can be no negotiation of this, and if you fail to pay your Yab Yum escort on her arrival, in full, then she will of course leave. Currency is preferably in US DOLLARS, although some exceptions can be made, dependent on circumstances; call for more information.

What information do you need from me when I make a booking?

We will need your name, your full address and your phone number. Obviously we can’t get your chosen escort to your destination if you don’t give us these details, and we need your number to verify the details with you after your booking is placed. When your booking is over, we delete any details we have about you. We take your privacy very seriously indeed.

Are the photos genuine?

Yes, all the profile pictures are 100% genuine. We don’t see the point in putting up pictures that don’t accurately represent the Yab Yum escorts we have at the agency. It’s for this reason that we also insist upon having no photo shopping of the images either. We want you to get exactly what you see in the pictures. A good escort agency can’t afford to have complaints!

Can I pay using another currency?

You can pay using another currency, as long as it is cleared with us first. You can find out if your currency is accepted by calling us on the phone. The reason we say this is that we may not always accept various foreign currencies, and a lot will depend upon the exchange rate etc. Call for more details.

Is all this legal?

Yes, escorting is absolutely legal. You are not breaking the law by booking an escort to visit you in your hotel. When you book an escort through our agency you are booking her time and nothing else. What happens between the two of you is a private affair between two consenting adults.

Can my partner and I see an escort together?

Yes, of course you can. Many of our escorts enjoy spending time with couples. If you are uncertain about whether or not a particular girl will be up for spending time with a couple, please just call the agency and ask us; if it’s not already made clear on her individual profile of course.

Can I book more than one girl at a time?

Yes, you can. We are happy to inform you that many of the escorts we represent are only too eager to take duo escort bookings. They enjoy the fun they can have with another girl on your date, and you will find that many of our girls are genuinely bisexual. Again, call for more information about which girls are more keen to do duo bookings. We only say this because to list them all here would be exhausting to say the least, and we’re always getting new girls at the agency.

Is the service discrete?

We are proud to say that we operate one of the most discreet escort services in Aruba. We have worked in the industry for a long time and we recognise the necessity for this. All the girls we work with are highly professional and very discreet. They will never draw attention to themselves when they meet with you, unless of course you want them to! All your information is deleted once your booking is complete, and we will never contact you after your booking, for any reason.

If I am not happy with my choice of escorts can I cancel?

You are free to cancel your escort booking at any time after you have made the call to the agency. It is preferred that you take your time making your choice in order to avoid having to do this. But we do of course understand that unforeseen things can happen and you may need to cancel. However, if your chosen escort(s) has already arrived and you wish to cancel, there will be a cancellation fee.

Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of?

There are no “hidden” costs at all.

Am I too old to see an escort?

Of course not! If you’re still able to have fun and you still enjoy the company of beautiful young women, you’re never too old to book an escort. Our girls are remarkably friendly, patient and understanding, and they enjoy the company of men of all ages. Indeed, they often prefer the older, more experienced men that know how to treat a lady!

Can I extend appointment?

Yes of course, this isn’t a problem, provided that the girl you have chosen doesn’t have to be anywhere else. We’re not just talking about another booking either. The girls we represent are all well rounded individuals with their own lives, and they may well have an appointment or somewhere they need to be. If they agree, they will tell you what to do, and extra payment must be made at the time of the agreed extension.

Why don’t the girls use their real names?

This is a privacy thing really. Many of the girls have lives outside of their escorting career, and some have family and friends who they would rather not get connected to their career. This is for their own protection, as we are sure you can appreciate. You will find that most escorts, no matter which agency they’re from, rarely use their real names.

Is it ok to bring a gift?

Gifts are very welcome indeed! What woman do you know that doesn’t actually like gifts? Bringing along a gift to your booking is a lovely gesture, and it helps in breaking the ice and building a relationship with your chosen escort; who may indeed become a regular booking. Do not however, expect that your gift will be accepted as “part payment” in any way at all; this isn’t acceptable under any circumstances.


How should I behave with my escort?

You should be on your absolute best behaviour. That’s all there is to it really. If you treat your escort with respect and in the same way you would any other date you were going on, you won’t have any problems at all. In fact, if you treat them like the princesses they so clearly are, you may find yourself rewarded greatly. That said, you should also feel like you can “let loose” to a certain extent with your chosen girl. The whole idea is to enjoy your time together, and if you feel uptight or unrelaxed in any way, it’s not going to be as much fun. We are certain that any one of our girls will help you with this.

I am disabled, can I see a girl?

Yes, of course you can. We do not discriminate, and neither do any of our girls. We wouldn’t ever represent escorts who discriminated against disabled clients. As we have consistently pointed out all over our website, the escorts we represent are all highly professional, and many have seen disabled clients before. They are kind, attentive and respectful at all times. If you have any further concerns, simply call us on the phone and we will do our best to help.

Can I take an escort out for the evening?

All our escorts love to be entertained in this manner. Depending of course on where you plan to take them, this is perfectly acceptable. Wining and dining, or perhaps a bar and a club? Whatever you fancy doing, you will find that our escorts are really quite adventurous and like to go out on the town. Call us if you wish to meet your escort in a restaurant or bar somewhere in the city, and let us know where you are planning to go. We will of course need to know where she is to be collected from.

How do I book an escort?

You can use one of two methods. You can use our online booking system, or you can call us on the phone. It is recommended that you call us directly if you need company on the same day/evening. We do keep an eye on our online bookings, but if you want instant clarification of your booking, it really is best to call.

This will be my first time with an escort and I’m very nervous.

It’s perfectly natural to be nervous if this is your first ever booking with an escort. However, you should know that booking escorts is an increasingly more “normal” thing to do these days, and many people do. The girls you see in our gallery are all very professional and they will do their very best to relax you. You should never feel pressured in any way at all when it comes to our escorts, they’re there simply to make you happy. You can rest assured that they will make your first experience one that you will always remember.

May I approach a model directly to settle an appointment or negotiate a deal?

No, it is not permitted to have direct contact with one of our Escorts. Our ladies will indicate at all times that all contacts have to take place through the agency and that we as agency organize all dates for her. Our added value is precisely to ensure that all matters are well controlled, such as the scheduling of appointments, communications and payments so our ladies can focus on the service for which they are booked; give you an unparalleled experience.

Do you have more questions?